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Elevator Repair Services

Restoring Performance

Full Repair


  • Door lock monitoring

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement

  • Power Unit Replacement

  • Door Equipment Replacement

  • Signal Fixture upgrades

  • Main Valve replacement

  • Custom Cab Interiors

  • Elevator Door Replacement



  • Trained and experienced technicians readily available

  • Same-day response time

  • Quick resolutions to get equipment running at optimum performanc

  • Emergency response teams for critical situations 

What You Can Expect

 We prioritize our customers' satisfaction. Here's a brief overview of what you can expect from our experienced team.

Image by Petr Magera

Tri-State Elevator's
Repair Services

We provide comprehensive repair services for elevators requiring attention beyond routine maintenance under our maintenance program.
Our extensive inventory includes a wide range of replacement parts—new, used, and obsolete—to minimize downtime. Additionally, we collaborate with the region's top and most dependable repair shops to deliver high-quality repairs and quick turnaround times.

Get in Touch

511 Fifth Avenue

Pelham, NY 10803

(914) 738-6444

(718) 220-1500    

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