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Elevator Modernizations

Why Modernize Your Elevator?
There comes a time in every elevator’s lifespan where regular wear and tear and age affect the performance and look of an elevator. Sometimes an elevator needs a little updating and sometimes it needs a lot. If you are at the stage of trying to figure out how much and what type of an update your elevator needs, let Tri-State Elevator Company assist you. Some of the benefits of modernizing your older elevator is the ability to provide a faster, smoother ride, improved safety and a reduction of passenger waiting time. We all know how frustrating it can be having to wait for an elevator when you are running late or have an important meeting to get to!  Plus, you are able to revitalize and enhance the look of your elevator cab with the latest designs and materials. 

Why Use Tri-State Elevator?
We know that the modernization process can sometimes be a daunting and a difficult process, but as with all of our services, Tri-State Elevator will answer and respond to all of your questions with honesty, and clear and concise information. In another words, we guide you throughout the process, to help you make the most informed and best decision for your elevator. When the time comes to update your older elevator equipment, our modernization program will minimize down time and maximize your investment. Our specially trained technicians provide the best service available. We realize the inconvenience a prolonged down time can be for a building and have proven time reducing programs to get your elevator going again. We only work with the best equipment available, making your investment now, a long term, value based decision.

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