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Our Preventive Maintenance Program

Elevator Safety and Reliability



  • Monthly preventive maintenance visits

  • Service calls (8am-4:30pm)

  • Most repairs covered

  • Optional 24/7 callback coverage

  • Testing, inspections, and coordination

  • Optional 24/7 phone monitoring 



  • Monthly preventive maintenance visits

  • Regular time service calls (8am-4:30pm)

  • Testing, inspections, and coordination

  • Optional 24/7 phone monitoring and dispatching

Oil &


  • Scheduled equipment survey and lubrication

  • Complies with National code

  • Optional callback service

  • Testing and inspections can be included



We take pride in our adaptability, tailoring our maintenance plans to suit your needs, not ours. Our customizable service plans are designed to accommodate the most rigorous requirements.

 We prioritize our customers' satisfaction. Here's a brief overview of what you can expect from our maintenance program.

Image by Petr Magera

Maintenance Duties
Our Technicians Perform

At Tri-State Elevator, our maintenance services are comprehensive and meticulous. We supply and apply lubricants to ensure smooth and efficient operation. Our technicians carefully examine and adjust operating and safety controls to maintain optimal performance and safety standards. Guide rails are lubricated as required, and we check control panels and relays to ensure everything is functioning correctly. Cleaning the machinery and machine room is a top priority to maintain cleanliness and safety standards. During maintenance visits, our team is equipped to perform minor repairs, ensuring minimal downtime and uninterrupted service. Additionally, we check the operation of communication and signaling devices to guarantee that your elevator is always in proper working condition.

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