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Elevator Testing, Inspections, & Violations

Tri-State Elevator is a New York City certified testing and inspection agency. Many of our technicians are certified inspectors as well. We utilize state of the art technology to expedite test and inspection submittals.

When a new client comes to us with existing elevator violations, either due to the previous elevator company or for any other reason, we are able to research, process and assist with the removal of such violations.  Violation dismissals are given the highest priority to keep you from receiving fines and penalties.  

With Tri-State Elevator’s Maintenance Assurance Program you are able to minimize violations conditions. 

Tri-State Elevator performs Category 1 & 5 elevator tests as well as dismissals of ECB, PVT, and Affirmation of Corrections for NYC Category 1 testing. We also test in other municipalities for our clients.

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