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Commercial/Residential Installations & Dumbwaiters

LULA (Limited Use Limited Access) Elevators

A Limited Use / Limited Application elevator is a passenger elevator in which the use and application is limited by size, capacity, speed, and rise. These low-rise elevator systems are ideal for existing structures, remodeling projects and new construction buildings. They can also be found in churches, schools, lodges, restaurants and nursing homes. They can also be used as sophisticated residential elevator applications, which provide homes with master door operation.

In typical residential elevator applications, elevator doors swing open. However, with master door operation, elevator doors slide open eliminating the elevator from getting stuck on a landing because a gate was left open. 

The LULA provides solutions for architectural barriers for projects that do not need full blown conventional commercial elevator(s) or other undesirable lift(s).

This design minimizes hoistway space, machine room space, pit depth, and overhead clearances and operates on standard single phase power. This, combined with the flexibility to have the machine equipment located remotely, and car sizes customized to fit most any conditions. 

Residential Elevators

Residential elevators are suitable for all types of homes, from single family residences, lofts to multi-floored town homes. These elevators are able to travel up to 8 floors (stops) and can be customized and conformed to fit any design and space To learn more about our manufacturers and suppliers



Looking for an easier way to transport your possessions or materials up and down your residence or building?  Why not install a dumbwaiter.  Dumbwaiters can be found in homes, restaurants, libraries, offices or anywhere else you could use or image! Our dumbwaiters serve up to 9 floors, travel as fast as 100 FPM, carry loads up to 500lbs and can be four (4) feet in height! Tri-State only installs code conforming dumbwaiters.  Don’t be fooled by cheap internet pricing.  We have been retained many times to fix the other guy’s problem!

To speak with a qualified Tri-State representative call: (914) 738-6444

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